CARB Phase 2



   Buffalo Veneer and Plywood has completed testing requirements for the CARB ATCM Manufacturer Requirements to become CARB Certified (sec 93120.3).

   We are currently certified to produce CARB P2 Certified HWPW-VC & HWPW-CC according to the CARB ATCM Manufacturer Requirements (sec.93120.3).

   For any questions you may have or to receive a copy of our CARB Certificate please contact us, refer to "contact us" page.



     Buffalo Veneer & Plywood was established in Buffalo, MN in 1952 by Jerome "Bud" Bloom and his brother in-law, Leonard C. Erickson. Operations were started in a 3000sq.ft. building which was later expanded to include a sawmill and dry kiln. Basswood logs were sawn into lumber for cores of the plywood being produced. Within a year, Buffalo Veneer was acquired to produce cross bands for their plywood products.  Today we have 3 buildings totaling approximately 80,000SqFt.

     Although we no longer cut veneer, or saw lumber, we still produce high quality hardwood plywood for the Cabinet and Fixture Manufacturer's and Plywood distributors across America as described on this site.

     To this day, Buffalo Veneer & Plywood is still very much a family owned and operated company, employing 10 members from both the Erickson and Bloom families. We'll do our best to use our over 290 years of combined experience, knowledge, and available resources to accommodate your requests. We hope this website will help inform you of the scope of our operations. We welcome any questions that you may have concerning our products and will assist you in any way we can.